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Rando a cheval en Egypte
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                           Horse Back Riding Arabian Horse in Egypt                                                                                                            

   with the greatest friends 
 Laila’s Oasis Arabian (LOA) is a large place , an oasis of peace with an open access to the desert In the middle of the very large Pharaohs complex of Giza plateau ,surrounded by Sakkara, Abu Sir and Dashur Pyramids, on the south and Giza Pyramids on the North  facing the solar temple of Userkaf -part of Abu Sir pyramid’s complex. We breed, and ride beautiful creature the '' Arabian Horses " in a  exceptional environment  . You can relax under a Bedouin tent or by the pool  We serve traditional Egyptian food or BBQ. You can also spend the night in the tent or in a guest room.
 We offer you a real horse back riding adventure,in Egypt  from one pyramid to the other and  other hidden temples..We are also trekking   in the deep Egyptian desert around the Fayoum and the western desert  included Siwa  in the great Sand Sea with well trained  Arabian Horses. 
Our tours are for beginners, taking a slower pace, as well as the experienced rider who may want to feel the breeze through their hair as they canter over the golden sand on a Pure Arabian. for one hour or few days Children and adults are welcome for introductory courses with quiet horses and lessons in the manege.
We speak,English, French and Arabic
 Custom trips to Siwa, Fayoum ...
Laila's Oasis offers photography & video services with our experienced photographer Claude Stemmelin. We also provide support for documentary film-making involving horses. 
We arrange other trips in Egypt (safari, trekking...)
 Guided rides for all levels
Short and long distance
(Camping, refreshment and food for long rides)

  •  1 hour - all levels - Abu Sir to Abu Ghurab (the sun  temples  of   Userkaf and Niuserre) Pyramids
  •  1 to 2 hours - all levels - Abu Sir to Sakkara Pyramids,
  •  5 to 6 hours - some training  required - Abu Sir to Dashur Pyramids, (We also stay overnight in Dashur in our camp)
  •  5 to 6 hours - some training required - Abu Sir to Giza   Pyramids,
  •  Fayoum Oasis ( minimun 2 days)
  •  Siwa Oasis ( minimun 3 days)
                                     Bookings for private events welcome
Please make a reservation for dining and rides.
Tel:  002 012 358 7724
500m south of Sakkara Country Club off Shabramant Road
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